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"This place is not just a fitness gym, it is a community of people with the same goal as you. I started my journey 4 wks ago, I can not believe the support and encouragement I not only get from the great trainers but the members working out right next to me. Each time I take a class there is always something new and classes never become the same old routine. The staff is incredible and how they motivate me to just push on and just do one more rep or how they shout out "Just keep moving!" that is all I ask. I have never been to a place where it is ok to grunt as you push for your last rep or get a high five from the person next to you when you are done. It is not an embarrassment to sweat while you maybe doing the most simple thing, members there wear their sweat as a coat of armor going into battle and proud of it!"

Dena B.Testimonial

Dena B.

Happy Client

"No place better! Like home with such caring staff! The trainers know what they are doing to get the results you want. I came in here my first day and was anxious and worried I'd feel out of place but I met a lady named Heather in the parking lot that happened to be heading to the same bootcamp I was and we have been close ever since! Not to mention all the other ladies and gentlemen that have became like family that day too!! We all work together encouraging one another and the trainers are great for helping you find the power within that you didn't know you had!!"

Kimberly H. Testimonial

Kimberly H.

Happy Client

"The WPF trainers are amazing. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is. The trainers are highly motivating and make you want to come back. I felt welcomed from the beginning."

Heather P. Testimonial

Heather P.

Happy Client

"Walking through the door I knew this was something different. Not another run of the mill gym that just wanted your $9.99 a month. All the staff care about your goals and will do anything to help you achieve it. I have never been pushed so hard and this is only the beginning. The staff attitude makes me want to come back and keep pushing. Looking forward to many years of growth and change at this awesome facility."

James H. Testimonial

James H.

Happy Client

"Will Power Fitness is my favorite gym to be at after work or on weekends. The instructors are excellent and they really show their passion and love for what they do!!!!"

Damien B. Testimonial

Damien B.

Happy Client

"It's not just a gym, it's a family. Best gym to go to. Bootcamp classes are always challenging and pushing you to do things you didn't know you could. All of the trainers love what they do and are passionate about helping you! You're missing out if you're not a member of WPF. COME JOIN THE FAMILY!"

Keri S. Testimonial

Keri S.

Happy Client

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