Our trainers will use their skills and knowledge to create an exercise program to specifically meet your individual goals. We consider your health history, prior injuries and your main end goal for your workouts. We help motivate you and keep you on track for progress to reach your goals.


Will Doyle

Will Doyle
ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Owner of Will Power Fitness • BS Sports Medicine & Fitness Technology • Weight Management Specialist

My passion is to influence everyone that I come in contact with, to become stronger both mentally and physically. I have trained professional sports players, seniors, amputees and children. I love helping people of all walks of life achieve things that they never thought were possible.  In the past I have been unmotivated, out of shape and overweight. I feel that this helps me bring real life experience and perspective into my training.  As a veteran I know the definition of hard work, and what it takes to reach your health and fitness goals. 


Amber Carnley
ASFA Certified Personal Trainer

“There is no exercise better for the heart  than reaching down and lifting people up”

-John Holmes

I was only 12 years old when I discovered my passion for fitness. I was overweight and had a few bullies giving me a hard time about it. One day I decided I wanted to feel better about myself and I started running laps around my house every day. Not only did I start to look and feel better, but I fell in love with exercise! From running laps as a kid, to lifting weights in high school, and to now as a trainer - I have never given up on my passion for fitness. Now I am able to help others reach their goals everyday! Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone smile when they finally feel better about being in their own skin again. I’ll never stop helping others succeed. My long term goal is to open a fitness summer camp for kids. 


Keri Sawyer
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

"You are who you create yourself to be" - author unknown.

Being active has always been a part of my life. Over the last several years, I have developed a passion for health and fitness. I work in healthcare and I witness on a daily basis the consequences of not living a healthy life. I became a personal trainer because I wanted to share my love of fitness and health with others to help them gain not only quantity to their life but quality.


Personal Trainer

Hey. I'm Bryce. I'm 19 years old and after playing sports all my life I have fallen in love with the weight room. I enjoy chasing fitness goals and would love to help others chase theirs as well. My Goal is to make fitness fun for those who view it as a chore and to make an impact on the community in a positive way.


Personal Trainer

I have been a ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor since 2010. My specialties are functional fitness, run-specific fitness, and sports specialty and behavior change specialty.  

I am a locally competitive endurance runner in the masters division (over 40), and happy to help anyone with whatever fitness goals they may have. My degree is business and when it comes to fitness, I mean business, but also like to add a dash of fun or like loads of it.


BS Exercise Science •  Certified Personal Trainer

Being in the gym is something I grew a passion for after handing up my soccer cleats. The transition into the weight room was sort of intimidating, I relearned that everything takes time to get better at. The health and fitness world can seem like a scary place to jump into but that why I decided to join this industry. To help and inspire others to take the next steps into their health and fitness journey.


NASM Personal Trainer

I'm Andrew, a NASM personal trainer who enjoys helping clients achieve and surpass their fitness goals. I'm also a veteran firefighter who understands what it means to be physically fit when time is at the essence. Your health is the most important, you have to let me help you!

Paige Brown

Paige Brown
Personal Trainer

Hi! I’m Paige & there’s nothing I love more than motivating people to reach their goals. Life is hard & the last thing we need is to be discouraged by how we look or feel. Our bodies are so amazing & capable of extraordinary things! As a veteran with a crossfit background, I’m all about building a supportive community & practicing functional movements that are going to help in our daily lives. I am so excited you’ve made it this far & hopefully you let us join you on this new adventure!

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