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Nutrition Tips- Snacking without the Guilt

3 Essential Snacking Tips A big part of eating for fat loss is keeping your metabolism going all day long with small, sensible meals and snacks. In theory, this is simple and easy: eat a little something every 2-3 hours throughout the day. Unfortunately very few people do it right, resulting in frustrating weight gain. […]

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fitness resolution

New Years Fitness Resolution

We all set at least one fitness resolution every year. Well here’s one simple fitness trick, works like magic. This blog is only for those who are completely fed up with trying to lose fat and inches through diet and exercise… You’re probably thinking: What’s the deal? Why won’t the weight come off? You are doing everything […]

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healthy food

Healthy Food – Lower Calorie Options

9 Food Swaps that Slash 100+ Calories Losing fat isn’t easy…I don’t have to tell you that. You’ve been striving for a fat loss goal for longer than you’d like to admit. To work towards your goal, you slave in the gym and watch what goes in your mouth every day. But what if you […]

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WPF Blog healthy fast food

“Healthy” Fast Food?

Healthy Fast Food?! Sounds too good to be true, right? Fast food that is healthy? Fast food has a reputation for being high in trans fat, saturated fat, sodium, and calories, while having next to no healthy ingredients. For example, one loaded hamburger, fries, and pie contain more saturated fat than you should eat in […]

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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating – Transform Dinner?

Transform Your Dinner in 5 Easy Steps Healthy eating isn’t as hard as we make it out to be. Are the dinners that you cook healthy? Think so, but not sure? If your weight loss has slowed, or even stopped, then there are improvements to be made in your dinner routine. I’ve made 5 guidelines […]

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Will Power Fitness

Nutrition Tip: Don’t Overeat

Let’s face it, the extra pounds you’re carrying around are due to overeating – plain and simple.  Why do you overeat? Here are a few likely reasons: Habit: Whether you realize it or not, you eat in a learned pattern, rather than out of need. Cleaning your plate because that’s what your mother taught. Eating […]

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3 Dieting Hacks

Dieting Hacks: 3 That Actually Work

Dieting Hacks are a dime a dozen, but these 3 are the real deal. Working out hard is an essential part of any fat loss plan. It sculpts your muscles, raises your resting metabolism, whittles down your waist and gives you functional strength and endurance. The only catch is that you can seriously slow, or […]

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